X-Mas Musings #18 – Shaving a Yak

December is for many people a period of reflection or thought. So I decided to reflect upon last year’s things and thoughts — each day until Christmas. This is day 18.


You know the feeling that you can follow trails on the internet forever — and keeeeeep reading?

Because I was writing

X-Mas Musings #17 – Honoured! Must-Read Programming Blogs

I went to

Petri Kainulainen’s blog about testing where I decided to see an earlier installment of his Java Testing Weekly 45 / 2017 where

Exposing private state to enable unit testing 

on enterprisecraftsmanship.com was mentioned, where in a discussion in the comments about mockist vs classicist TDD a reference was made to

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Without Mocks

which is a review by Vladimir Khorikov of the similar-named book and why the example from the book has some conflicts. While explaining a better version a reference was made to


Interfaces are not abstractions

an article by Mark Seeman from 2010 where he states that programming against an interface does not mean against an abstraction. At this point I’m already way down in C# world but I keep on reading and decided to click a link about


Reused Abstractions Principle (RAP)

which is on Jason Gorman’s Software People Inspiring blog. I was distracted by the amoun of sections he had on his blog, of which one of them was



which is mix of all kinds of articles, but especially targeted towards some kind of comedy show, then available as digital download, to increase funding for


Bletchley Park

which was of course Britains code-breaking headquarters to decipher the codes from the Germans during World War II.

This reminded me of this book I read, Enigma by Robert Harris, portraying the breaking of Enigma ciphers at that time at Cambridge University and aforementioned place. Good book, in which Alan Turing also had a supporting role. There were multiple Enigma codes, called “Dolphin” and “Shark” — from Atlantic U-boats. What were the other names. Can’t remember. Hmm.


At this time, I was way out there and decided I’d better get back to work again 🙂