Introduction to Codenvy

What is Codenvy exactly? Well, their website states:

Codenvy is a cloud environment for coding, building, and debugging apps.

Basically, it’s an IDE in the cloud (“IDE as a Service?”) accessible by all the major browsers. It started out as an additional feature to the eXo Platform in early 2009 and gained a lot of traction after the first PaaS (OpenShift) and Git integration was added mid-2011.

Codenvy targets me as a (Java) software developer to run and debug applications in their hosted cloud IDE, while being able to share and collaborate during development and finally publish to a repository – e.g. Git – or a number of deployment platforms – e.g. Amazon, OpenShift or Google App Engine.

I first encountered their booth at JavaOne last September, but they couldn’t demo their product right there on the spot over the wifi, because their on-line demo workspace never finished loading 🙂 Well I got the t-shirt instead then, but now’s the time to see what Codenvy has in store as a cloud IDE. Continue reading “Introduction to Codenvy”