Hibernate class metadata through Spring

On a Spring-Hibernate project I’m working on we use a custom way of filling and clearing specific database tables in unit tests. Yes, something like DbUnit but ofcourse completely hand-made, tailored to our situation 🙂 In a TestNG testcase we do something like this:

public void setUp() {
	DatabaseFiller.fillTable("UserAccounts", "useraccounts.txt");

public void tearDown() {

It bugged a little bit, that in this testcase e.g. we’re testing operations on the User entity (e.g. User.class) – which for database specific reasons was mapped to a “UserAccounts” table – but we still have to find the actual table name for ourselves. There are many reasons to map explicitly to a certain table name: prevent database reserved keywords (“user” is often reserved), enforce a naming convention (“tbl_user”), etc. If no specifics have been set for Hibernate it will take its own naming convention, else one could indicate the desired name through the javax.persistence.Table annotation – if using JPA. Continue reading “Hibernate class metadata through Spring”