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Debugging Grails 3, Spring Boot or Gradle with Eclipse

This is a small post for those who’s primary IDE is Eclipse for developing Grails 3 apps or plugins — and are still wondering how to debug their application.

First of all, to clarify: there’s no “Grails” debugging, it’s just Spring Boot and Gradle these days, with Grails 3. Any way to debug these kind of applications allows you to debug a Grails 3 application.

There’s lots of SO posts and Google hits about this subject, so I’m creating this post also as a short “simplest solution” summary for myself and for others.
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So If You’re Using Tag Libraries for Your View Models You Have To Test Them, Right?

In a previous post I introduced thinking about (visual) components and used a Task Browser as an example of an user interface “component” .


I explained that using

  • View Model(s) e.g. plain-old Groovy objects (POGOs) holding the related data e.g. a class TaskBrowser
  • Tag Libraries (LayoutTagLib) and tags (def taskBrowser) to render the associated HTML (views/layouts/components/_taskBrowser.gsp) to the page

allows for more maintainable and testable code.

Let’s put our money where our mouth is and see how one could test the used tag library. Continue reading “So If You’re Using Tag Libraries for Your View Models You Have To Test Them, Right?”

Grails Design Consideration #2 – Throw In a View Model Once In a While

This is my take on how we could design our particular user interface in such a way that they’re re-usable, testable and the overall software is more maintainable. Yip, using a bit of View Models from the MVVM pattern.


Recently we started working with two teams on a new Grails application.

As part of that I reviewed some code of the teams’ earlier applications to come to some general coding standards & conventions both teams would follow for the new application. In these code review sessions I’m also giving advice on some architectural choices and design style I would prefer.

Use Case: Tasks

The new application’s homepage displays the logged in user, a overview with tasks grouped by month and some unrelated sliders.

E.g. something like this:

Tasks and stuff

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Grails Expert Tip #8 – There’s a Bean for That

grails-expert-tipRecently I code reviewed some of the Grails (2.4.5) code of another team (of course :-)) and here’s a snippet I came across.

In some “search helper service”:

 public int countListWithoutFetching(Collection collection) {
   def session = grails.util.Holders.grailsApplication.mainContext.sessionFactory.currentSession
   return ((Integer) session.createFilter(collection, "select count(*)" ).list().get(0)).intValue()

This team somehow needed some ‘generic’ way of counting the amount of records in the database, I thought.

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