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Avoid NullPointerException: Safe Navigation with Groovy

We know it’s all too common in Java to get a NullPointerException when we use an object reference which is null. This happens when our code tries to access a method or field of an object, or element of an array when there’s no instance present – e.g. it refers to null.

class Animal {
 String name
 Animal parent

def animal = new Animal(name: "Bella") // no parent

Continue reading “Avoid NullPointerException: Safe Navigation with Groovy”

Asynchronous Google Chart Data With jQuery in Grails

Google Charts is an awesome platform to create great-looking interactive charts, from simple scatter plots to timelines or treemaps.Google Charts Piechart

I needed a way to create the required data for a chart on the server-side, instead of in-lining it in the JavaScript itself — as seen in many of the examples.  Continue reading “Asynchronous Google Chart Data With jQuery in Grails”

Masters of Java 2015

The Masters of Java 2015 are organized again coming October 3rd by the Dutch Java User Group (NLJUG).

Masters of Java

For those who don’t know the event yet: the Masters of Java is a famous funprogging contest (based on Java SE), accessible to every Java developer. In this competition, not just API knowledge, but real-world software development skills are tested. Continue reading “Masters of Java 2015”

Interaction with Slackbot

First interaction I have with slackbot, the interactive tutorial bot, after signing up with Slack – the messaging app for teams. Seems it’s to early in the morning for me to proper read instructions :-)


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