Creative Ways of Finding a Birthday: When Are We 250 Years?

Today is my birthday. Ted-Vinke-Blog-Small_Birthday_Cake

Yes, it is actually my birthday: May the 15th. So, I thought it would be fun to write about a little algorithmic puzzle I’ve been pondering about. You see, each year we grow older; as a person, but also collectively as an organisation, a group, a community. That’s a lot of combined knowledge I reckon. 🙂

Take, for instance, my immediate family. My parents Christiaan and Marijke, my little sister Petra and dear girlfriend Jolien. All together, we have a combined age of 234 years! Wow, isn’t that something?

I wondered: at who’s birthday have we reached a grand total of 250 years combined knowledge?

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Functional Java by Example | Part 3 – Don’t Use Exceptions to Control Flow

This is part 3 of the series called “Functional Java by Example”.

The example I’m evolving in each part of the series is some kind of “feed handler” which processes documents. In previous parts I started with some original code and applied some refactorings to describe “what” instead of “how”.

In order to help the code going forward, we need to get rid of the good ol’ java.lang.Exception. (disclaimer: we can’t actually get rid of it) That’s where this part comes in.

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X-Mas Musings #24 – Merry Christmas!

December is for many people a period of reflection or thought. So I decided to reflect upon last year’s things and thoughts — each day until Christmas.

Christmas is tomorrow and so I can finally stop these musings, with lots ‘o ramblings I needed to get of my chest and looking back to the things which happened last year – keeping it a bit work-related but always a challenge to write each day.

Thank you for still being here and not unsubscribing from my blog last month. The first thing I’ll do next year is continue to talk about software again  — I promise 🙂

That being said: I’ll take this last moment to wish you a

Merry Christmas🎄 with lots of friends and family and a Very, Very Good & Happy 2018 🌟