Quicktip! Grails scaffolding: enums and i18n

Grails scaffolding feature is a great asset for quickly generating create/read/update/delete (CRUD) screens for your domain classes. Create an entity, create a controller and put static scaffold on top. For various types of properties within your domain class a suitable (HTML) input is used, to take the user’s input: booleans become checkboxes, associations with other domain classes become (depending on ownership and constraints) e.g. dropdowns or multi-selects, etc.

Even an enum works out of the box as one could imagine 🙂 This post serves as a small quicktip – primarily for me and other developers looking for these kind of things – of internationalizing scaffolded screens in general and enums in particular using  toString() and Spring’s MessageSourceResolvable.

Take the following Product with a Status:

class Product {

	enum Status {

	String name
	Status status

	static constraints = { name blank: false, unique: true }

class ProductController {

	def scaffold = true

Opening up our /product/create url will show what you would expect.

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