Please enter the correct password for the postgres windows user account

I just had a weird case where I reinstalled Windows XP completely clean om my desktop, had to install PostgreSQL (8.4 – via the “One Click Installer”) again and the Postgres installer barfed on the ‘postgres’ windows user account. Somehow it believed there already was a ‘postgres’ account present – while I was under the impression I was creating a new one: I just did a clean install of Windows right? 🙂

The password specified was incorrect. Please enter the correct password for the postgres windows user account.

Having followed several forum posts, suggesting to restart the PostgreSQL Service or changing the postgres password in the Computer Management MMC, all didn’t work – I didn’t install Postgres yet so there was no service to be found.

To make sure there really was no user present I executed the following at the command line:

net user postgres /delete

The first time the command returned as succesfully and the 2nd time it stated it couldn’t find the ‘postgres’ user – meaning the 1st time it was present – and succesfully deleted. I started the installer again and all went like clockwork!