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Debugging Grails 3, Spring Boot or Gradle with Eclipse

This is a small post for those who’s primary IDE is Eclipse for developing Grails 3 apps or plugins — and are still wondering how to debug their application.

First of all, to clarify: there’s no “Grails” debugging, it’s just Spring Boot and Gradle these days, with Grails 3. Any way to debug these kind of applications allows you to debug a Grails 3 application.

There’s lots of SO posts and Google hits about this subject, so I’m creating this post also as a short “simplest solution” summary for myself and for others.
Continue reading “Debugging Grails 3, Spring Boot or Gradle with Eclipse”

Introduction to Codenvy

What is Codenvy exactly? Well, their website states:

Codenvy is a cloud environment for coding, building, and debugging apps.

Basically, it’s an IDE in the cloud (“IDE as a Service?”) accessible by all the major browsers. It started out as an additional feature to the eXo Platform in early 2009 and gained a lot of traction after the first PaaS (OpenShift) and Git integration was added mid-2011.

Codenvy targets me as a (Java) software developer to run and debug applications in their hosted cloud IDE, while being able to share and collaborate during development and finally publish to a repository – e.g. Git – or a number of deployment platforms – e.g. Amazon, OpenShift or Google App Engine.

I first encountered their booth at JavaOne last September, but they couldn’t demo their product right there on the spot over the wifi, because their on-line demo workspace never finished loading 🙂 Well I got the t-shirt instead then, but now’s the time to see what Codenvy has in store as a cloud IDE. Continue reading “Introduction to Codenvy”

Eclipse “Initializing Java Tooling” hangs

Sometimes using SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) e.g. version 2.3.2- which is based on Eclipse – startup hangs on various operations:

Initializing Java Tooling

Repository registry initialization

STS/Eclipse does not seem to respond to anything – the UI freezes and that’s it! I’ve had this on several occassions with no apparent cause on my part. Usually it has something to do with fiddling with (adding libraries to) the classpath and/or cleaning the project. Some users report Eclipse hangs at “Initializing Java Tooling” at 30% for 20-30 secs after which everything continues normally, but I don’t have that much luck 🙂 Continue reading “Eclipse “Initializing Java Tooling” hangs”

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