X-Mas Musings #23 – Devoxx

December is for many people a period of reflection or thought. So I decided to reflect upon last year’s things and thoughts — each day until Christmas. This is day 23.


From Developers For Developers

Devoxx Belgium took place last November in Kinepolis Antwerp — which was my last conference this year.Devoxx-LogoWhat is Devoxx, you might wonder? Well, if you can’t go to JavaOne in San Fransisco, you should go to Devoxx — it’s that simple 🙂 This is of course not a comparison – merely an advice.

Devoxx started in 2001 as Javapolis, founded by Stephan Janssen, as a community-driven Java conference.

At the start of 2018 we can say it spread to multiple events world-wide such as Devoxx Morocco in Casablanca, Devoxx UK in London, Devoxx Poland in Krakow, Devoxx USA in San Jose, Devoxx France in Paris — next to the “original” Devoxx Belgium in Antwerp.

Next to that, the “extended Devoxx family” as of 2015 additionally consists of Voxxed Days — a series of tech events organised by local community groups.

I always find it a great atmosphere in a really nice venue, the Kinepolis/Metropolis — which is also a movie theatre, one of my favorite places to be anyway 🙂

Here’s an impression of all the fellow Java enthusiasts you might meet over there:

In contrast to earlier visited events, such as Greach and GR8Conf, Devoxx is somewhat larger in scale, because it targets a wide range of topics. We had the following tracks:

  • Java Language (e.g. JVM, Collections, Java 8/9, JUnit, Language Features, Java on the GPU, Modular Development Java 9, Garbage Collection)
  • Server-side Java (e.g. API versioning, Event Driven, Eclipse, Hibernate, Spring,  JAX-RS/CDI, Java EE 8)
  • Mind the Geek (Raspberry Pi, DeepLearning4J, Self-Driving Cars, video games, )
  • Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure (e.g. Serverless, CI/CD, Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, Docker, you know, the buzz :-))
  • Programming Languages (e.g. Graal.js, Elm, the Java type system, Kotlin, again: Spring, IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Methodology & Culture (e.g. the impact of GDPR, applying engineering practices, lessons learned, Devops @ Scale, The Impact of Leveraging Open Source, 10 tips to become an awesome technical lead)
  • Big Data & Machine Learning (e.g. Data Stream Processing, Uber, Kafka, Debezium, Tensorflow)
  • Mobile & IoT (e.g. Amazon Alexa vs Google Home, connected apps in the cloud, Android, Kotlin, Firebase)
  • Modern Web (e.g. Angular for Java devs, Angular vs React Smackdown, D3.js, Web-Driver tests, Scala.js, Web components)
  • Architecture & Security (too much! :-))

There’s just too much going on at the same time, so you really have to decide who you’re going to see in real-life and what presentations you’ll be watching later on YouTube.

Here are a few speakers I could see in action the first few days of Devoxx.

Collectors in the Wild by José Paumard – showing there’s infinite possibilities just with collectors alone. No streams attached 🙂
Google Cloud Spanner: Global Consistency at Scale by Robert Kubis, showing us how Spanner differs from traditional RDBMS and enables scaling terabytes of data.

The Devoxx team also regularly hands out practical advice for speakers doing their 1st presentation and places to visit in Antwerp.

I really enjoy this conference a lot and wish them all the best in the year ahead! ❤

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