X-Mas Musings #16 – Google Keep

December is for many people a period of reflection or thought. So I decided to reflect upon last year’s things and thoughts — each day until Christmas. This is day 16.


I’m a big fan of Google Keep, which I’ve used for quite some time already to create notes and remember interesting stuff.

My saved notes in Google Keep

I especially like how it integrates in my daily life: I scribble down some notes in the train through the Android app, I can access it immediately online when I arrive at work, and when back home it syncs again with my tablet.

Creating a note directly from a page 

These days I’m also using the Chrome Extension a bit more — to save a note directly about a page I’m looking at.

This year I discovered I can actually OCR (optical character recognition) any uploaded photograph. You can select “Grab image text” to have Google extract text from the image — which is pretty awesome!

Save image to Google Keep
Grab text from image

The extracted text is not always correct (as you can see in screenshot above) but this feature is pretty nifty. Maybe there’s an API out there, so I can use this feature for my own purposes? 🙂


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