Web Application Development using Grails & Docker @ Devoxx

I’m very excited about the Hand’s On Labs I’ll be giving at Devoxx with my collegue Koen about Web Application Development using Grails & Docker.

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The goals of the workshop for the participants are:

  • Get to know Grails 3 – The Framework
  • Acquire hands-on enough practical knowledge to get started with a project at home or work
  • Experience the Fun and Joy of developing with Grails

If you would follow this workshop, you’re going to get introduced to all kinds of Grails features by following breadcrumbs throughout our workshop application on an USB drive. We’ve supplied the latest Eclipse Mars distributions for Windows, Mac and Linux — this allows to import the Grails project and run it with the Buildship Gradle integration.

Finally, we’ve sprinkled the codebase with TODO’s creating breadcrumbs for you to follow. You can use the Tasks overview to follow all assignments in chronological order. If you’ve managed to get yourself a integration test up and running with the in-memory H2 database, we’ll show you how to run it against a Postgres database using Docker.

You’re going to see existing Grails features, such as MVC, GSPs, services, Spock unit- and integration testing as well as new Grails 3 features such as Gradle, Spring Boot, health & metrics and the Reactor Framework.

The workshop is held at Monday 9th of November at Devoxx in BOF2 from 9.30 – 12.30 (CET).

Bring a laptop with Java 7 or 8 installed.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Ted, do you have a link to a video or slideshow of this presentation? Thanks, Ockert.


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