Masters of Java 2015

The Masters of Java 2015 are organized again coming October 3rd by the Dutch Java User Group (NLJUG).

Masters of Java

For those who don’t know the event yet: the Masters of Java is a famous funprogging contest (based on Java SE), accessible to every Java developer. In this competition, not just API knowledge, but real-world software development skills are tested.

In previous editions the Masters of Java caused quite some heated battles. In different rounds of the competition, every time a funny or interesting programming task is assigned, which has to be solved within half an hour. Every second remaining adds to the score.

Teams exist at most of 2 developers and the team who – at the end of the day – has the highest score, can name themselves “Masters of Java 2015”. Besides eternal glory some other glorious prizes can be won! The Masters of Java is sponsored this year by Sogeti and my own company First8.

Read more (in Dutch) and possibly sign up.